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A Day-Trip in the BMW X1

Hailey and Kim take on Cheb, Czech Republic

After my family moved to Bavaria,  we noticed one big difference about the lifestyle here compared to the US. Can you guess what it is?


Sundays were once my special day to get everything done that I had previously slacked off on during the week. Grocery shopping, Dry Cleaning, miscellaneous errands: this was what I used my Sundays for. Here in Bavaria, Germany, you won’t often find the ability to get any shopping done on a Sunday, as many shops and businesses are closed. So if you enjoy getting out on Sundays, Your best bet is to head on down to the city of Cheb for a day.


Just a 50-minute Drive from Grafenwoehr, Cheb is home of the Asia Dragon Bazaars, where you will find groceries, clothes, shoes, nail shops, restaurants, and goods of every kind!


The city of Cheb (Eger-Cheb) lies in the Region of Karlovy Vary, right along the [...]

The BMW 4 series Coupe, our best keep secret.

Why the 428i xDrive Sport Coupe is worth a double-take

The 2015 BMW 4 series coupe is a beautiful blend of  luxury and  sport in a  Coupe. With an MSRP of around $42,700, Graser Military Sales brings you the 4 series Certified Pre-owned for $23,995. Safe to say, CPO is Like new, but better!


The 428i is available in BMWs Intelligent AWD System Grafenwohr 2.0L turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. A Sporty look with huge cargo space, you’ll not only love the way this coupe drives,

If you’re searching for the best features on a  BMW 428i xDrive, make sure it includes these options:

  • Comfort Access Keyless Entry
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Heated Seats
  • Backup Camera with Park Distance Control (PDC)

The Comfort Access Keyless Entry system will save you from digging around in pockets or bag for your key. The system detects the key, allowing the driver entry first.

The heated Steering wheel and Heated seats [...]

BMW Certified Pre-Owned: What does it mean?

Why you should purchase your next BMW through the CPO program at Graser Military Sales.

What does BMW CPO mean?

It means that we know BMW’s inside and out.

Graser Military Sales is part of Autohaus Graser GmbH, an authorized BMW sales and service center. While all of our Pre-owned vehicles are inspected and serviced before being listed for sale, BMW’s receive extra attention. A quick search for almost any BMW model will show owner’s groups and reviews that highlight known issues-our service center knows about them and takes care of them before they cause major damage. We’re happy when our customers do their research because it gives us an opportunity to explain what we do!


You can buy a BMW from almost any dealership in the area, but has it been checked out by an authorized service center? Were the replacement parts original BMW? Where will you go for service, repair and warranty work?

Ask these questions when you’re considering buying a BMW. We know that finding a [...]

Choose Venice Italy for your next Holiday.

At Graser Military Sales, we are all about hard work and dedication. Hard work should also be rewarded with genuine fun, and most importantly, family time.

Last week, our manager Dave and family drove down to the country of Italy. They were able to fit four humans and their dog Penny comfortably into their MINI Cooper Countryman S! (Luggage Racks are a must-have for traveling families!)

After arriving to the outskirts of Venice, they were determined to find three things: food, wine, and a Gondola ride

*Little did they know, [...]

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