Venice Italy- your next family holiday destination

Choose Venice Italy for your next Holiday.

At Graser Military Sales, we are all about hard work and dedication.

Hard work should also be rewarded with genuine fun, and most importantly, family time.

Last week, our manager Dave and family drove down to the country of Italy. They were able to fit four humans and their dog Penny comfortably into their MINI Cooper Countryman S! (Luggage Racks are a must-have for traveling families!)

After arriving to the outskirts of Venice, they were determined to find three things: food, wine, and a Gondola ride

*Little did they know, this day was considered the last day of tourism in the Verona, and the crowds were immense. Thus, they decided to head away from the center to find a Gondola tour. The one they found did not disappoint!

We’ll let the photos tell you the rest!


Share your travel stories with us! Where is your favorite place in Europe?

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