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A Day-Trip in the BMW X1

Hailey and Kim take on Cheb, Czech Republic

After my family moved to Bavaria,  we noticed one big difference about the lifestyle here compared to the US. Can you guess what it is?


Sundays were once my special day to get everything done that I had previously slacked off on during the week. Grocery shopping, Dry Cleaning, miscellaneous errands: this was what I used my Sundays for. Here in Bavaria, Germany, you won’t often find the ability to get any shopping done on a Sunday, as many shops and businesses are closed. So if you enjoy getting out on Sundays, Your best bet is to head on down to the city of Cheb for a day.


Just a 50-minute Drive from Grafenwoehr, Cheb is home of the Asia Dragon Bazaars, where you will find groceries, clothes, shoes, nail shops, restaurants, and goods of every kind!


Asia Dragon Bazaar Cheb

The city of Cheb (Eger-Cheb) lies in the Region of Karlovy Vary, right along the German border.

(Pro Tip: Don’t forget to bring along your passport, USAEUR license and International Drivers License also!)

There are actually 2 markets in Cheb : The first one you will pass is the bigger Dragon Bazaar. My personal favorite is the smaller market,  closer into the center of Cheb. Inside the center, you will see an OBI and right beside it you have found the second Asia Market!

Our first mission was to find food. Kim and I had a craving for Vietnamese , so we stumbled into the best Pho restaurant in the area, Huong QueThis gem is located inside the parking garage, beneath the  smaller market, How convenient!


We quickly parked the BMW X1 inside the Garage, ran upstairs to an ATM to withdraw Korun, and then returned down where we had the most delicious Pho, that I’ve ever had!

(Pro Tip: It often serves us best to use the Czech currency, Korun , when shopping in Cheb. You’ll often find infalted Euro prices and end up paying more if you use euro. )

After filling up our bellies with delicious Pho Bo and Pho Bo Ga, we did a little shopping around to see what interesting Items we could find. Once again, Cheb did not dissapoint.

Next Stop was the nail salon, and being the M sport lover that I am, I thought I would get something more special for this occasion..

A Manicure and Pedicure  costed me the USD equivalent of $24! ( This is a big difference in price near Grafenwohr.) Remember, pay for things in the local currency here, it will save you loads more!

After a lovely afternoon in Cheb, we headed back to Grafenwohr.  My friends and family still enjoy taking our Sundays together for ourselves, and if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy a quick one-day trip over the border to Cheb, Czech Republic. With the lovely handling of the BMW X1, we enjoyed the pleasantly short drive across the Border for our Sunday getaway.


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