5 Things to do before you leave Germany

Your time in Germany will be over before you know it. Here are a few places to see and things to do that should be at the top of your list!

  1. Get High! The Zugsptize is the highest point in Germany. Board the cogwheel train in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, then switch to the cable car that will transport you to a height of 2,962 meters above sea-level. Once you’re up there you’ll be amazed at the 360 degree panorama view of up to 300 mountain peaks over Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. There’s also a restaurant at the peak, where you can enjoy a cold Bavarian beer (or warm mulled wine) and eat some awesome traditional meals-zum Wohl!

  1. Drive it like you stole it. Have you ever legally driven over 100 mph? Take a drive on Autobahn 93 from Regensburg to Weiden i.d. OPf, a stretch of Autobahn known world-wide as one of the best roads for fast driving! While the unofficial speed limit is 130 kmh/80 mph, once you get out of Regensburg you’ll see this sign:

Once you pass that sign, the well maintained surfaces and sweeping turns of the A93 are ready to see how fast you’re willing to push your car! See if you can keep up with the test cars that BMW sends out and make sure you take a dash-cam video. Pro tip: Before you leave, ensure that your vehicle and Insurance is ready in case of any emergency.

Is your vehicle not Autobahn-Ready? Check out our Inventory, and let us get you driving on the Autobahn in style!


  1. Germany has beaches! Germany’s coast is divided into the Baltic and North Sea. The North Sea is arguably more interesting, and is a Unesco World Cutural Heritage site. Make sure you get there before or during low tide where you can watch the tide go out and take a walk in the Wadden Sea, but pay attention to when high tide is scheduled-once the tide starts flowing back in you could be caught and have to swim back! If you’re a Seafood fans you’ll find your fill with freshly caught North Sea shrimp and fish, but one of our favorites is the wood smoked fish made by the locals.

  1. Take a night out. When we think about theater in the US, New York comes to mind. If you want to see a musical or comedy show in Germany, Hamburg is the place to go-it’s also where The Beatles started their career! Although most of the musicals are performed in German, the Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil have shows that can be understood by everyone. Be sure to bring an umbrella or rain jacket to the BMG show-things get crazy!

  1. Drive the “Green Hell”. Are you ready to test your driving skills? The Nurburgring is just over 28 km/17 miles and is one of the most challenging road courses that you can drive. If you have a road-legal car or motorcycle you can get on the track, as long as you’re willing to void your insurance and possibly the warranty on your car. If you’re not ready for that you can take a co-pilot ride in a BMW M240 or M3 and let a professional driver take you on a hot lap around the track. If you’re really daring you can even rent one of these cars and drive it yourself, and afterwards stick around to see if you can spot one of the many supercars that are being tested on the track!

These are just a few things to experience while you’re here in Germany, but none of them are the typical places that everyone talks about(skip the Neuschwantein Castle and Polish Pottery, please!) and the memories you take with you will last a lifetime.

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